Lucky hunk enjoys mind blowing head from sassy August Smith with big tits

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Description: Another day at the office waiting for the lovely August to come through for our weekly training session when I doze off a bit reading a magazine. I'm sent in to this crazy dream with August by the pool working out. She has these skin tight spandex shorts on and I can't keep my eyes off her perfect tight ass and nice perky tits. She slowly starts to undress for me. I get a really close look at her ass and then she beings to get all oiled up. My mouth begins to water as I think about getting a taste of her juicy pussy. I'm rock hard and ready to go. She kneels down and starts licking my cock. The way her tongue follows my cock up and down feels like heaven. I can't fight it anymore and bend her over. She waits as I sink deep inside that pussy. She is soaking wet and tighter then a vice grip. I pump her full of cock and she rides me like there's no tomorrow then after I cum all over her pretty face I wake up and she's waiting for me to start the workout. Was it all a dream?